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Urologists are combined medical and surgical specialists who treat men and women with kidney, bladder and urinary problems such as stones and cancer. Urologists also care for men’s sexual and reproductive health.

News & Upcoming Events

Pyelogram Conference -

Our Pyelogram Conferences are held at Bloomington Hilton (494 & France). Each meeting includes a dinner speaker and ample time to network with the speaker and peers.

October 9

November 6

January 22

February 12
(At Van Dusen Mansion - Mpls)

Watch your mail and email for more information on each of these meetings.

Spring Seminar-

April 1-2, 2016

The Annual Minnesota Urological Society Spring Seminar is a full-day event intended for Urologists, Urogynecologists, and other practitioners interested in urologic diseases.




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